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When A California Trip-And-Fall Accident Causes Serious Injuries

Tripping on debris in a warehouse or on spilled items in a grocery store are two common ways that trip-and-fall accidents happen. Such circumstances are sometimes portrayed as comical in cartoons and situational comedies, but for many people who experience these accidents, they are serious and may be life-changing.

If you have broken a bone, suffered a spine injury or twisted your ankle painfully after tripping on items that were out of place or on faulty flooring, consult with our personal injury attorneys at KRA Legal, PC. Initial consultations are free and we will represent you on a contingency basis, so you will not owe attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you.

What Is A Trip-And-Fall Accident?

In a trip-and-fall accident, someone falls when their foot encounters an obstacle such as spilled building materials, an extension cord or the corner of carpet or floor tiling that is almost unnoticeable because they don’t expect it.

Where Do Trip-And-Fall Accidents Commonly Occur?

Trip-and-fall accidents can happen practically anywhere, but some common scenarios are as follows:

  • Construction workers or warehouse workers trip over materials that previous workers failed to pick up out of pathways.
  • Older adults trip on items on floors around the house – perhaps on torn carpet corners at someone else’s home or in their own homes after someone who was responsible for cleaning and caring for them left areas untouched.
  • Shoppers trip on marketing displays or spilled merchandise in aisles of stores.

The circumstances will help determine what type of legal remedy you need to pursue.

Premises Liability And Third-Party Claims For Legal Relief

Medically, someone with a broken bone or another serious injury needs to get prompt evaluation, treatment and ongoing care. Legally, it is also important to determine what type of injury claim may bring compensation. Common examples are:

  • Premises liability claims for falls in places such as apartment complexes, office buildings, hospitals, schools or private residences
  • Third-party liability claims when trip-and-fall injuries happen in someone’s workplace

Even if you tap into workers’ compensation benefits after a trip-and-fall injury, you may also have the opportunity to bring an injury claim against a third party such as a delivery service or a subcontractor who left hazards on the floor.

Dedicated, Persistent Personal Injury Lawyers For The Los Angeles Area

At KRA Legal, PC, in Torrance, California, we review potential injury claims and lawsuits for people who have suffered injuries in trip-and-fall and slip-and-fall accidents.

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