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Get Fair Compensation After Suffering A Dog Bite Injury In California

Dog bite injuries are a real threat to Los Angeles-area residents. The vast majority of dog owners in the state take proper precautions to try and keep their pets from harming others. Nevertheless, California has more reported dog bite claims than any other state. Bites can have long-lasting implications, as victims of dog bites often relive the trauma when approached by dogs or other animals.

Dog bites can do more than cause puncture wounds; they can also lead to broken bones, potential scarring and disfigurement. In extreme cases, a dog attack can even lead to wrongful death.

If you have been the victim of a dog bite, you need to consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You may be entitled to receive compensation for medical expenses and lost earnings. Contact KRA Legal, PC, and ask to schedule a free case review.

Points To Ponder About Animal Attacks

Some dog-related injury claims do not involve bites but other actions by dogs. For example, they sometimes knock down young children, older adults and bicyclists. Injuries may include damage to soft tissue, head injuries and facial scarring.

Injuries caused by other types of animals, such as horses and exotic pets (like snakes and cougars), may also be a cause for a personal injury claim against a responsible party such as the animal’s owner, a homeowner, or a commercial property or premises owner or manager.

What Should You Do If You Are Injured In A Dog Bite Attack?

If you or your child has suffered injuries as a result of a dog bite or another animal attack, you should have the injuries evaluated by a medical care professional as soon as possible. Some important tips in the aftermath of a dog bite injury are as follows:

  • Try to remain calm. If the dog is still in the area, panicking can actually cause the animal to become more aggressive.
  • Quickly evaluate the situation and determine how to treat the wound. If it seems to be superficial, clean the dog bite injury and seek proper medical attention. For severe dog bites, call 911 immediately while trying to minimize any bleeding while you wait for help to arrive.
  • Collect information from the dog owner and ask if they have insurance. Also, gather the names and details of any potential witnesses who may have been present when the attack occurred.
  • Report the dog bite injuries to animal control and the police department. There is a mandatory 10-day quarantine period in all dog bite cases to ensure that the dog does not have rabies virus.
  • Contact a dog bite lawyer to see if you are eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. A dog bite attorney can advise you of your rights and the legal options you may have.

Thankfully, fatal dog attacks are rare, but if your family has experienced such a devastating loss, our wrongful death lawyers can advise you. For personalized advice, consult with one of our attorneys at no charge.

What Type Of Compensation Can You Recover In A Dog Bite Case?

In a dog bite case in California, you may be able to recover both economic and noneconomic damages. It should be understood that any financial compensation that you may be eligible to receive will be based on the unique circumstances that surround your case. Typically, dog bite injury victims may be able to recover damages for expenses and other losses, including:

  • Emergency and long-term medical treatment to repair wounds, prevent or treat infection, and minimize scarring
  • Other monetary losses include lost income due to time off work and expenses related to getting access to medical treatment
  • Pain and suffering, including resulting post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Do not delay getting medical attention and legal case evaluation for the best results. KRA Legal, PC, offers free initial consultations and represents clients on a contingency basis. In other words, you will not owe legal fees until and unless we recover damages on your behalf.

What If The Dog’s Owner Is A Friend Or Relative, And You Do Not Want To Sue?

California’s dog bite statute imposes strict liability on dog owners for bite injuries. A “strict liability” law means the owner of a dog is responsible for compensating a victim for personal injuries.

If the dog that caused the injury also happened to belong to a friend or relative, it can make the situation even more stressful as now there is a possibility of a dog bite injury claim and possible compensation.

In our experience, the best solution to this type of problem is for the dog bite victim to file a personal injury claim against the pet owner’s homeowner’s insurance. This allows both parties to focus on the injured person’s healing. Compensation is likely to come as a payout from the dog owner’s homeowners insurance or a similar source.

Nonetheless, there may be situations that occur in which it may become necessary to take a dog owner to court in order to recover damages that the victim has incurred from a dog bite. At KRA Legal, PC, our dog bite lawyers will do everything they can to make your situation as easy as possible, given the circumstances. If you have been bitten by a dog, contact us and ask for a free consultation to discuss your potential legal options.

What Can You Expect From KRA Legal, PC?

From the very beginning of our interaction with clients, one of our primary objectives is to communicate to you that your worries and concerns are ours as well.

After you or your child has been the victim of a dog attack or experienced other types of extreme animal aggression, you are most likely worried about the future. With no warning, you suddenly have to consider how you will deal with medical, emotional and financial issues.

Insurance companies are fully aware that victims of dog bite injuries are suffering mental distress and often try to settle personal injury claims for far less than they are worth. This is why you should not accept a quick insurance settlement offer before getting a complete medical evaluation and legal analysis.

It should also be noted that California has a strict statute of limitations when it comes to filing a claim for dog bite injuries. Under California law, you have two years from the date of the dog bite to file a claim for damages.

We Can Help You Recover Compensation After A Dog Bite Injury; Contact Us

At KRA Legal, PC, we will take your case seriously if we represent you. We are personal injury lawyers who are thoroughly committed to helping injured people maximize their potential recovery. From our law office in Torrance, California, we represent people throughout the Los Angeles area.

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