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Torrance-Based Attorneys Representing People Hurt In Slip-And-Fall Accidents

A slip-and-fall accident can happen when you least expect it. The National Safety Council reports that accidental falls account for more than 16% of all fatal injuries. Therefore, when a slip and fall happens to you or a loved one, it is vital that you contact a Torrance personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

From our law office in Torrance, we, the lawyers and staff at KRA Legal, PC, are proud to serve the Los Angeles area. We offer solid legal support that is crucial for maximizing the amount of compensation you can obtain after a fall from a balcony, a tumble down a set of stairs or a fall injury in a retail store.

Whether you fall, slip, or trip in a public place or are injured while on someone’s private property, you should contact a lawyer immediately after your accident. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries, present and future medical expenses, and lost wages from taking time off for medical treatment, rest and recovery.

Causes Of Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Fall accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. One prime example includes environmental factors. Ice, puddled water, loose gravel, or dirt could cause a victim to lose their footing and sustain a fall injury. The negligence of property owners or managers sometimes causes these hazardous conditions. Even without proof of overt wrongdoing, a property owner can be held accountable for losses to people visiting, living or working on their property.

Another example of a potential fall hazard falls under the area of unlevel ground terrain in the form of holes or depressions. Another significant hazardous condition presents itself in the form of uneven pavement or sidewalks. It takes less than half an inch of a height change in the ground surface to cause a severe fall.

Whatever the reason for your slip-and-fall injuries, you owe it to yourself to pursue the compensation you will need to recover from them and continue with your life. At KRA Legal, PC, we can guide you through the process of recovering damages through settlement negotiations or litigation.

Varieties Of Fall Accidents

A slip occurs when there is inadequate traction between the fall victim’s foot and the surface they are walking on. As a result, the foot begins to move in a manner other than the desired direction.

Conversely, a trip is characterized as clumsily falling over an object that is in the individual’s path. Tripping may also occur if there is an unnoticed change in elevation, which causes the person to stumble, as often happens with uneven stairs. When an individual trips, they will generally fall in a forward direction and are more susceptible to broken bones.

Any type of slip-and-fall accident can be extremely dangerous and can result in serious injuries. For example, a trip or slip-and-fall accident can occur with sufficient force to cause a severe head injury if the fall victim strikes their head when they make contact with a hard surface.

Accidental falls can cause all sorts of injuries, ranging from a few scratches and bruises to serious head injuries. In fact, accidental falls are known to be the second most frequent cause of paralysis, as victims can suffer from spinal cord injuries as a result of the incident.

What may seem like a harmless bump to the head caused by a fall can turn into a dangerous medical condition. Many closed head injuries start as small bleeds that leak blood into the brain and, over time, can be significantly dangerous to the individual’s health and well-being.

It is critical that you be evaluated by medical professionals after an accidental slip and fall, even if you feel perfectly fine. It is also in your best interests to speak with a slip-and-fall lawyer who can advise you of your rights and legal options.

Premises Liability Law And Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Premises liability law in California states that a property owner has a legal responsibility to ensure that their business or establishment is free of dangerous hazards that could cause a potential injury. Slip-and-fall accidents fall under the premises liability law, and if the owner fails to maintain their responsibility, they could be held liable for the injuries that a fall victim has suffered.

In order to prove liability in a slip-and-fall accident, there are four main elements that must be present:

  • The defendant was the owner or was in control of the property where the slip-and-fall accident occurred.
  • The defendant was negligent in keeping their property safe from hazardous conditions.
  • The defendant’s negligence was the main cause of your accident. Therefore, it must be established that your accident would not have occurred had it not been for the defendant’s carelessness or failure to maintain the safety of their property adequately.

Even if you slip and fall on another individual’s property due to their failure to maintain safe conditions, this does not mean that you are eligible to recover compensation. You must prove that you suffered damages from the accident, such as physical injuries, medical bills, lost wages due to the inability to work, and pain and suffering.

How Can A Slip-And-Fall Attorney Help You With Your Injury Claim?

If you have been injured in a fall accident, you should immediately contact one of our experienced slip-and-fall lawyers serving Los Angeles to discuss your specific situation. Our law firm is committed to seeking justice for those who have been wrongfully injured due to another person’s negligence.

Many people suffer slip-and-fall injuries due to no fault of their own every year. If you or someone you love has been the victim of an accidental slip and fall due to the negligence of another, KRA Legal, PC, will work to maximize the results of your case. Call 310-774-4260 or inquire through this website to schedule a free consultation.