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Committed To Recovering Compensation For The Injured

A motor vehicle accident resulting in serious injuries often becomes a complex set of puzzles to solve, including:

  • Determining the cause(s) of the accident
  • Evaluating injuries
  • Identifying liability and sources of compensation for the injured

At any time following a motor vehicle accident, a personal injury law firm working on the case may be simultaneously evaluating crash data, soliciting opinions from medical experts, interviewing eyewitnesses and collaborating closely with the injured person and family members. Efficient operations, focused analysis and clear communication are essential. At  KRA Legal PC, we embrace these challenges with a strong focus on achieving results. People describe our law firm’s approach as thorough, methodical and caring toward people injured in traffic accidents, including:

  • Auto collisions involving two or more vehicles
  • Accidents involving ride sharing, with Uber and Lyft drivers
  • Truck accidents such as big-rig crashes and accidents involving specialized commercial vehicles like utility service trucks
  • Motorcycle accidents in town, on highways and on rural roads
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents 
  • Public transportation accidents involving buses, trains and airplanes

Our Attorney, A Former Engineer And Corporate Employee, Now Advocates For Clients Injured In Crashes

Personal injury lawyer Kenechi R. Agu brings a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to the table that enhance our personal injury law practice. He was educated as a computer engineer, completed an MBA, worked as a patent attorney and served in multinational enterprises. Ultimately, he opened this solo law practice as a trial attorney representing plaintiffs in injury claims and lawsuits. Mr. Agu and all legal staff members at the firm aim to inspire trust and offer hope to individuals and families after accidents resulting in injuries.

Detail-oriented and well-prepared, Mr. Agu is adept at analyzing medical records, interpreting crash reconstruction data and preparing compelling arguments to present to insurers, judges and juries. Throughout the processes, he patiently explains technical and legal matters to clients while keeping them informed of the progress of their claims.

Our Firm Welcomes Your Inquiry

Initial consultations at KRA Legal PC are always free. If we represent you after a car, truck or motorcycle accident, we will do so on a contingency basis. This means you will owe no legal fees until we recover compensation for you. We are prepared to work hard to maximize your recovery of compensation for medical expenses, lost wage replacement, disability accommodations and pain and suffering. Allow us to explain in further detail how we can work together for the sake of your recovery. Call 310-431-9875 or complete a short intake form to request a meeting with personal injury lawyer Kenechi R. Agu after a car accident or any motor vehicle accident. He will visit your hospital or home if necessary.