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Torrance, California-Based Law Firm

Serving The Los Angeles Metro Area And Beyond

Individualized Advocacy After An Auto Accident Or Injury

We are proud to serve people who need our services throughout California. If we take your case, we will strive to exceed your expectations and get you the results you deserve.
We are proud to serve people throughout California. We will strive to exceed your expectations and get you the results you deserve.

Your Injury And Recovery Are Our Concerns

At KRA Legal PC, our goal is to help you overcome your legal challenge and come out stronger on the other side. Depending on your situation, we may:

  • Help you obtain compensation after a car accident
  • Represent your family in a wrongful death claim after a fatal accident
  • Get justice for you after your civil rights were violated through discrimination in public places based on race, religion or other illegal factors

Whatever wrong you have suffered, our Torrance-based law firm is ready to advise you on the most promising path to restoration. Our job is complete after we have done all we can do to enable you to recover as fully as possible.

Recent settlements and judgments have included:

  • $1,250,000 truck v. auto settlement
  • $1,000,000 product liability judgment
  • $600,0000 unpaid wages class settlement
  • $235,000 premises liability settlement
Torrance, California-Based Law Firm

Serving The Los Angeles Metro Area And Beyond

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Personal Injury

Helping injured people recover compensation and wholeness.
Motor Vehicle Accident Practice Area Icon

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Holding negligent parties responsible for injuries they cause.
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Wrongful Death

Representing family members after fatal accidents.

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Getting medical bills paid and more after a fall.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Legal help for seriously injured bikers.

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Premises Liability

Justice for people injured on others’ property. 

Your Case Is Unique. So Is Our Attorney And Approach.

Attorney Kenechi R. Agu became the skillful personal injury attorney he is today through a vocational path marked by uncommon achievements. His academic and occupational history has encompassed fields such as computer engineering, computer science, intellectual property law, and employment at multinational corporations and law firms. Through his extensive education and early law practice, he learned to see disputes and problems through multiple perspectives.

Today, he and legal staff members at the law firm primarily work with individual clients who have been hurt in motor vehicle accidents or experienced civil rights violations. Mr. Agu is adept at scrutinizing details while helping people understand critical aspects of their legal matters. Advocating vigorously for his clients, he also educates them along the way. He brings his vast wealth of knowledge and analytical talents to the table for each wronged or injured person’s sake.

Image of a lit-up globe representing the concept of state-of-the-art technology

Applying State-Of-The-Art Technology And Strategic Expert Testimony

An early adapter of advanced tools in the practice of law, lawyer Kenechi R. Agu keeps the law firm technologically up to date. He also brings diverse experts on board as needed. For example, to develop persuasive evidence in a personal injury lawsuit, the firm may employ:

  • An accident reconstructionist
  • Medical experts
  • Vocational experts
  • Other professionals

Years of experience on many sides of legal issues have given Mr. Agu awareness of when the contributions of outside experts are appropriate.

Why Work With Us?

We take a personalized approach to every legal matter, whether it is a car accident, discrimination incident, or another cause for a claim or lawsuit. We listen carefully, investigate thoroughly, explain clearly and prepare clients to make the right decisions for their futures.

Introducing Attorney Kenechi R. Agu

A well-educated lawyer with a background demonstrating intelligence and perseverance, Mr. Agu has developed keen analytical skills. He develops strong cases and communicates clearly with clients in need of legal remedies.

Photo of Attorney Kenechi R. Agu

Turn To A Trusted Ally After An Accident Or Discrimination In Public

Initial consultations are free. We handle most personal injury and some civil rights violations cases on a contingency basis. We invite you to experience our calm, compassionate concern and clear direction for your case. Complete our online intake form or call 310-431-9875 to request a consultation. Our office is open 24/7.