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Turn To Our Torrance, California-Based Bus Accident Attorneys Representing The Injured

Due to the size of the Los Angeles metro area, many buses and other public transit vehicles share the roadway with other motor vehicles. As a result, bus accidents and injuries are steadily on the rise. You may have experienced a bus accident injury as a passenger on a bus, in your own personal vehicle or as a pedestrian. Whatever the case may be, you need proper legal representation.

KRA Legal, PC, is a personal injury law firm dedicated to recovering financial compensation for bus accident victims. In most cases, bus accidents can involve a large number of people, depending on how many passengers are on the bus. Often, bus accident injuries are severe and require immediate medical attention.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, you need a bus accident lawyer who can file a personal injury claim on your behalf. If you were involved in a bus accident, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

Often insurance companies have their own bus accident attorneys who look for ways to underpay or deny your claim in order to avoid a large payout. Therefore, you need to be certain that you have a bus accident lawyer who has experience handling personal injury cases. Contact the law offices of KRA Legal, PC, of Torrance, California, and ask to schedule a free consultation to discuss your bus accident case as soon as possible.

What Type Of Bus Accidents Does KRA Legal, PC, Handle?

There are a wide variety of different types of bus services in the Los Angeles area, all of which are highly susceptible to being involved in an accident. KRA Legal, PC, is proud to represent clients who have been injured in the following types of bus accidents:

  • Tour buses
  • Charter buses
  • Airport shuttles
  • Public transportation buses
  • School buses
  • Bus accidents that involve wrongful death

Public entities that provide transportation often attempt to settle personal injury claims for the least amount possible in an attempt to avoid large payouts. Our personal legal team is familiar with the various tactics that insurance companies use when making settlement offers.

No matter what type of bus accident you may have been involved in, you need a lawyer who can fight to help you recover compensation for injuries sustained during the collision. We pledge to provide you with aggressive representation during settlement negotiations or at trial if necessary.

What Are The Most Common Injuries Sustained By Bus Accident Victims?

Bus accident victims may sustain a variety of serious injuries when involved in a bus crash. These can range from minor to serious injuries. Some of the most common bus accident injuries include:

  • Head and neck injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Facial lacerations
  • Burn injuries

Other serious injuries sustained in a bus crash can result in permanent disabilities such as the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Spinal cord injuries

These types of injuries are considered to be catastrophic in nature and can cause the accident victim to require long-term medical expenses, treatments and personal assistance that will be extremely costly over time.

What Types of Damages Can You Recover If I Have Been Injured In A Bus Accident?

If you have been the victim of a bus crash, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation for your injuries in the form of economic and noneconomic damages.

Economic damages are meant to reimburse the accident victim for the money they have had to pay out of pocket as a result of the accident.

Some common economic damages awarded in a bus accident case are as follows:

  • Medical costs (past and future) are associated with hospital bills, prescription medications, and X-rays, along with the expenses related to rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Property damage if your passenger vehicle sustained damage in a bus collision
  • Lost wages (past and future) due to your inability to work
  • Loss of earning capacity if you can no longer return to the type of work you performed before your accident

Noneconomic damages include:

  • Pain and suffering for the physical pain you have had to deal with after an accident
  • Loss of enjoyment in life if you are unable to participate in activities that you enjoyed prior to your accident
  • Loss of consortium for your spouse when you are no longer about to provide intimacy, comfort or emotional support

It is extremely important that you seek medical attention immediately after you have sustained injuries in a bus crash. Often internal injuries do not manifest themselves immediately and can prove to be life-threatening if left untreated. Be sure to have a medical professional check you out and obtain a copy of all medical reports. This report will document any injuries that you may have and can prove invaluable should you file a claim.

When Should You Hire An Attorney After You Have Been Injured in a Bus Accident?

If you have sustained injuries from a bus accident, you need to speak with an experienced bus accident lawyer. Time is of the essence when filing a personal injury claim. Often witnesses move away or cannot be located.

You need a bus accident lawyer who can fight aggressively for your rights and stand up to the insurance companies who may try to minimize the damages you have incurred.

Many bus accident lawyers will promise you results, but they lack the necessary experience to handle your claim successfully. At KRA Legal, PC, we have a proven track record of recovering maximum compensation for their injuries, pain, and suffering. Our main objective is to ensure that our clients’ present and future needs are met through a settlement or verdict in their best interests.

Contact KRA Legal, PC, of Torrance, California, by sending an email message or calling 310-774-4260. Ask to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. We will be happy to provide a free case review and answer your questions.