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Can I File a Lawsuit Against an Uber or Lyft Passenger if They Assaulted Me?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many individuals believe that only rideshare passengers have the legal right to sue their drivers for assault. However, this is not true, as the law in California states that regardless of who attacks who, a victim of a physical assault has the right to file a claim. An Uber or Lyft driver has the same rights as any other individual who is assaulted and is therefore entitled to file a claim if they desire.

If you are an Uber or Lyft driver and have been assaulted by a rider, you may be entitled to file a claim. You need an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney who can provide you with aggressive representation.

Can an Uber or Lyft Driver Sue The Rideshare Company if They are Assaulted?

If you are an Uber or Lyft driver and feel that the company put you at risk or had a direct hand in being assaulted by a passenger, you are permitted to file a claim against the ridesharing companies. If you feel that you have just cause to file a lawsuit, you need to obtain a qualified rideshare accident attorney as soon as possible. The laws that govern rideshare companies can be overly complex and challenging to try and navigate on your own.

Are Female Uber and Lyft Drivers More at Risk of Being Assaulted by Riders?

Sadly, there has been a rash of female drivers suffering physical and sexual assaults by passengers. However, this does not diminish the fact that male drivers have also suffered injuries and been the victims of both physical and sexual assault. Uber and Lyft have incorporated safety features into their apps not just for passengers but also to ensure the safety of their drivers. However, sometimes these safeguards are not enough, and the driver is viciously attacked.

Can I Recover Damages if I Was Attacked by an Uber or Lyft Rider?

If you have been attacked by a rideshare passenger, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. Some of the most common include:
• Medical expenses for the various medical bills you have had to pay or will have to pay due to being assaulted.
• Lost wages from your inability to work
• Pain and suffering
• Mental anguish that you have had to endure as a result of being assaulted

Can an Attorney Help Me if I Have Been Assaulted by an Uber or Lyft Rider?

If you have been assaulted by an Uber or Lyft rider, you need to speak with a knowledgeable rideshare attorney who can explain your rights and legal options. California law dictates that any individual who has been assaulted has the right to pursue a claim.

If you decide to press forward with filing a claim against a rider, then you need to be certain that you have an attorney who understands the complexities of ridesharing law. Contact our law offices by calling 310-774-4260 and ask to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.