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Cupertino freeway collision kills man

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2020 | Firm News

Every day in Torrence, people take to the area’s roads and highways in their vehicles anticipating a safe drive to wherever it is that they are going. They typically do this without any fear of being involved in an accident (despite the fact that collisions constantly occur). One might wonder why the fear of being in an accident is not greater. Usually, the expectation from local motorists is that others on the roads around them take as much care to drive defensively and avoid recklessness as they do. More often than not, that expectation is met. Yet the threat of encountering one exhibiting careless behavior is ever-present.

When such encounters do occur, the results are often devastating. That fact was on full display in an accident that recently occurred in Cupertino. A man was ejected from his vehicle after being rear-ended and pushed into a tree. Despite the best efforts of people at the scene and first responders, he died. Witnesses say that the car that hit him was traveling at a high rate of speed on the freeway before colliding with the man’s vehicle as they approached an offramp. The driver of that vehicle remained at the scene and was subsequently arrested after tests revealed that he had been intoxicated at the time of the collision.

The driver that caused the accident in this case now faces criminal charges. For the families of victims in accidents like this, the deep emotional void that they feel is often only equaled by the financial damage they sustain from the loss of the victims’ support. Compensation through legal action taken against those responsible may help in dealing with the latter. Such compensation might be easier to earn with the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney.