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Reasons why rural roads can be deadlier than urban ones

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drivers in California may know all about the dangers of driving in the city, but they should know that it’s not necessarily safer to drive in the countryside. Rural roads can just as dangerous as urban roads for several reasons.

Narrow lanes and shoulders are one factor. This means that drivers, if they are not careful, may easily get in a head-on collision or run off the road. Passing a vehicle is risky on such roads. Another factor is the presence of animals. Homes tend to be situated closely to rural roads, and animals can get loose and cross the road. Wildlife may appear as well. Then, there are the problems associated with the lack of street lights in rural areas.

Often, it’s drivers who make rural roads so dangerous. Those unfamiliar with the risks will develop a false sense of security and be more likely to distract themselves on the road. Others, seeing that there are no police officers around, may take the opportunity to speed and engage in other reckless behaviors. Some may even drink and drive.

Defensive driving is crucial in both urban and rural settings. Drivers must put off all distractions, keep a safe following distance and never assume that other drivers are being safety-minded.

Those who are involved in motor vehicle crashes and who believe that the other driver was to blame may file a claim. Even if victims themselves partially contributed to their injuries, such as by not wearing a seat belt, they might be eligible for compensation. As for how much, this is something that a lawyer may determine during a case evaluation. Victims may hire a lawyer to negotiate on their behalf for a settlement, litigating if an acceptable amount cannot be achieved.