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Do you know what car safety features help prevent accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You may feel ready to buy a new car so you can comfortably get around California. Have you thought about which features may help you avoid being in an auto accident?

Policy genius gives a thorough breakdown of safety features you may want to consider. Be sure to keep them in mind as you narrow down your options for a new vehicle.

Lane departure warning

Some weather can obscure the lines dividing lanes, which can cause you to inadvertently drift. Some newer cars come with a lane departure warning to keep you in a single lane, knowledge that can help you avoid an auto accident.

Adaptive cruise control

You may have trouble with keeping a proper following distance between you and vehicles in front of you. If so, adaptive cruise control is a must on your new car. This feature adapts your speed so you always maintain a safe distance between cars in front of you. The proper distance can prove vital in preventing an accident.

Active rollover protection

Your car skidding on the road is one thing, but skidding that leads to a rollover is something else entirely. To keep a bad situation from tumbling over into something worse, car manufacturers have created active rollover protection. The feature detects when your car is in danger of rolling over and applies the brakes or adjusts engine torque. This feature can go a long way in saving your life or the lives of any passengers traveling with you.

Know that having every car safety feature is no airtight guarantee against a motor vehicle accident. Should the worst happen behind the wheel, talk with a legal professional to explore your rights.