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Tips for safe driving in busy L.A. traffic

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving in California has the same risks and dangers as driving in any other state, and requires great care and attention on the part of drivers. Los Angeles is one of the largest U.S. cities, however, and driving in such an environment poses its own safety concerns. It is prudent for anyone living in the area to be aware of some safe practices for city driving.

Safe city driving points out that the high traffic in an urban environment can cause extra stress. When stressed out and emotional, people’s driving can be affected. Drivers should take extra steps to keep a calm and attentive state of mind.

Another thing to be cautious of in cities is the dense lane layout and cars parallel parked on the sides of streets. There is always a risk of someone coming out of their parked vehicle into oncoming traffic, so drivers should be especially wary when driving past parked cars.

In a big city like LA, taxis are a common sight. Cab drivers will sometimes be stopped in the road for loading and unloading of passengers, and may suddenly swerve into the roadway in response to someone hailing. It is a good idea to drive slower when passing a parked cab.

General safe driving tips

Beyond the specific driving practices in the city, there are some general safety tips that will also benefit drivers in LA. The key things Nationwide says to keep in mind are wearing seatbelts, making a driving plan ahead of time, driving defensively and staying 100% focused on driving for the entire trip.