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Back-to-school season and pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can happen during any time of the year, but back-to-school season brings a number of concerns that parents and children should be aware of. Some children, especially those who live close to their school, may walk to school with one of their parents, a friend or even by themselves. Some students may also walk home from school. Walking can be convenient, but it can also be dangerous—especially when it comes to pedestrian accidents. Sadly, many children are struck by reckless drivers every year, and the consequences can be very disturbing.

If your child walks to school, even if they only walk a very short distance, it is extremely important to cover pedestrian safety with them. You should do your best to make sure that they are aware of any potential hazards they may encounter. For example, they should know which side of the road to walk on and know how to cross the street properly. Sadly, even if a pedestrian does everything they can to walk safely and avoid an accident, they may be involved in an accident when a reckless driver takes to the road.

A driver who is drunk or extremely tired, for example, may veer off of the road and into the path of a pedestrian. A pedestrian may have little time to react and they may not even see the vehicle (especially if a driver is approaching from behind). The impact of a vehicle may cause a pedestrian to sustain injuries or even lose their life, and this can be very difficult for children and their parents.