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When Dangerous Premises Cause Harm

Property owners and others who take care of properties, such as managers, are responsible for the safety of people who live in, work in or visit those spaces. If you or a loved one was injured on someone else’s property, consult with a premises liability lawyer to learn how to pursue compensation.

You may have medical bills to pay; you may lose income by missing work; you may endure pain and suffering after a slip-and-fall injury, a dog bite or a burn injury. A successful injury claim can bring you the monetary resources you need to recover after an injury on dangerous property. It may also lead property owners and managers to prevent future injuries to others on their properties.

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Our firm welcomes your inquiry after an accident resulting in injury in a shopping mall, parking lot or office building. KRA Legal PC represents people who have been hurt because of:

If you do business with KRA Legal PC, you can expect clear communication and vigorous advocacy. We will conduct a thorough investigation and prepare your case as if for trial, as we do for all injury claims. Mr. Agu will apply his well-honed analytical skills through all phases of your premises liability case.

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Attorney Kenechi R. Agu and the firm’s staff work hard to provide the caliber of legal representation clients need and expect at a difficult time. Your case may settle out of court, as many cases do. Mr. Agu will ensure that you are well-prepared to decide whether to accept a settlement offer or take your case before a judge.

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