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Compensation For Attacks By Dogs And Other Animals

Dog bite injuries are a real threat to Los Angeles-area residents. California has more reported dog bite claims than any other state. If you or your child has suffered injuries as a result of a dog bite or another animal attack, you should get the injuries evaluated by a medical care provider as soon as possible. You may be able to recover compensation for expenses and other losses, including:

  • Emergency and long-term medical treatment to repair wounds, prevent or treat infection, and minimize scarring
  • Other monetary losses, including lost income due to time off work and expenses related to getting access to medical treatment
  • Pain and suffering, including resulting post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

For best results, do not delay getting medical attention and legal case evaluation. KRA Legal PC offers free initial consultations and represents clients on a contingency basis. In other words, you will not owe legal fees until and unless we recover damages on your behalf.

About Dog Bites And Other Animal-Related Injuries

Some dog-related injury claims do not involve bites, but other actions by dogs. They sometimes knock down young children, elderly people and bicyclists. Injuries may include damage to soft tissue, head injuries and facial scarring.

Injuries caused by other types of animals, such as horses and exotic pets (like snakes and cougars), may also be a cause for a personal injury claim against a responsible party such as the animal’s owner, a homeowner or a commercial property/premises owner or manager.

What If The Dog’s Owner Is A Friend Or Relative And You Don’t Want To Sue?

California’s dog bite statute imposes strict liability on dogs’ owners for bite injuries. This means the owner of a dog is responsible for compensating a victim. Payments often come from home insurance policies. Bringing a claim or lawsuit against someone you know is often the best solution, allowing both parties to focus on the injured person’s healing. Compensation is likely to come as a payout from that person’s homeowners insurance or a similar source.

Your Main Concerns Are Also Ours

After your or your child’s dog bite or animal attack injury, you are no doubt vitally concerned about recovering medically, emotionally and financially. A plastic surgeon may recommend surgery to happen months or years later. This is why you should not accept a quick insurance settlement offer before getting a complete medical evaluation and legal analysis.

At KRA Legal PC, we will take your case seriously if we represent you. Attorney Kenechi Agu has a strong commitment to helping injured people maximize recovery. From law offices in Torrance, we represent people throughout the Los Angeles area. Schedule a free consultation through our online intake form or by calling 310-431-9875.