Wrongful Death

How does the court distribute wrongful death damages?

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit is not something that anyone wants to do, but it is an effective way to hold a person responsible for the death of your loved one. When negligence leads to the loss of life, it is essential to help ensure it does not happen again and such a lawsuit is a good dete [...]

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Recent wrongful death cases in California

When it comes to a wrongful death decision by a court, the standard of proof for a criminal trial parts ways for the standard in a civil trial. The burden of proof is higher in the criminal trial, as the guilt of the accused party must meet the beyond a reasonable doubt threshold. For a civil t [...]

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How can you prove wrongful death?

Losing a loved one is never easy, but when your loved one dies as a result of someone’s negligence or wrongdoing, you likely feel enormous anger as well as immense grief. You may wish to consider bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against the person responsible for your loved one’s death as one [...]

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Californians faced wrongful death filing deadlines for wildfires

It does not take much to spark a raging wildfire in California. Once it gets started, it can burn for weeks and take lives. Homes go up in flames and people at nearby campgrounds may find themselves trapped in the fire. These are just some of the gruesome ways Californians became inured and los [...]

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Who can sue for wrongful death?

Losing a loved one to the negligence of another person is a horrible situation. The law provides you with the ability to seek damages from the responsible party. However, it depends on your relationship with the deceased and other relationships he or she had. There is a hierarchy of who may mak [...]

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California sees first-ever wrongful death suit from vaping

Health authorities say America is experiencing an outbreak of deaths and serious injuries related to vaping. A Florida mother mourning her 18-year-old son filed the world’s first wrongful death lawsuit associated with vaping. Because the target of the lawsuit is a company based our state, she f [...]

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