Driving a car can be difficult enough for adults, but handing the keys over to your teenage child is an entirely different level of terror for parents across the country. While teens may be very excited to reach this milestone, if you are a bit nervous as a parent, that’s entirely natural. Fortunately there are steps you can take to ensure that your teenager is a bit safer on the roads. According to Liberty Mutual, eliminating distractions is extremely important when teaching teens to drive. 

While “distracted driving” almost always brings up an image of a teen on a cell phone, distraction comprises more than that. For instance, friends in the car can be extremely distracting, or even just looking out the window at the scenery. 

Insofar as the cell phone is concerned, you may want to talk to your teen about downloading certain apps that help them stay focused while driving. These apps can make it so that texts and other notifications do not go off while your teen is in the driver’s seat. 

Where dealing with other distractions are concerned, you may want to try having your teen drive without friends in the car for a period of time, but it is unlikely that you can prohibit this in its entirety. Having your teen take a driving class can also give them real-life driving experience and help them get used to dealing with a myriad of distractions while they are on the road. 

It is impossible to protect your children from car accidents in their entirety, but education can go a long way toward helping.