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Head-on collision leaves 2 injured and 1 dead

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Some types of motor vehicle accidents tend to be more serious than others. Head-on collisions can be among the most damaging and sometimes deadly. Such was the case on Highway 1 near Lompoc, California, last Friday evening when a head-on collision between two cars resulted in the death of one vehicle occupant and serious injuries to two more.

City, county, and state authorities responded to reports of the accident with two helicopters, three ambulances, and three engines, although it is not clear whether either of the vehicles caught fire. It was necessary to extricate the patients from their vehicles. A 24-year-old Santa Barbara woman died from injuries sustained in the crash. Little information is available about the other two parties except that one sustained moderate injuries and the other’s injuries were critical.

CALSTAR transported the critically injured patient to a hospital. It is unclear whether the moderately injured patient required transportation to the hospital by helicopter, although authorities had prepared for the possible necessity. No data about the current condition of either injured party is known.

It was initially necessary for law enforcement to shut down all lanes of traffic on Highway 1 following the crash. Northbound lanes had reopened approximately an hour and a half following the collision. However, southbound lanes had not yet reopened within three hours thereafter. Authorities have not commented on the cause of the crash or on the possible involvement of factors such as speed, weather, drugs, or alcohol.

A motor vehicle accident can indirectly affect loved ones. Victims and families may wish to discuss possible legal options with an attorney.