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Make swimming pools safe for guests

As summer draws closer, many people may prepare to host events at their home. If people have a swimming pool, they need to take precautions to ensure guests will be safe at their home. People may easily incur injuries around a swimming pool. According to, homeowners should make [...]

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The link between construction zones and road deaths

As temperatures rise and the days become longer, more and more construction workers are taking to California’s roadways to make necessary repairs and keep the roads suitable for use. Road construction, while common in most areas, is sometimes than just annoying – it is often dangerous to drive [...]

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Are older people at greater risk of falls that cause TBI?

If you own a piece of public property like a retail store, you understand the need to keep floors clean and stairs free of trip hazards. Tripping on an uneven piece of floor or slipping on spilled liquid can cause a person to fall and suffer a serious injury. A fall that results in a blow to th [...]

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Recent wrongful death cases in California

When it comes to a wrongful death decision by a court, the standard of proof for a criminal trial parts ways for the standard in a civil trial. The burden of proof is higher in the criminal trial, as the guilt of the accused party must meet the beyond a reasonable doubt threshold. For a civil t [...]

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Infotainment systems exacerbate driver distraction

Over the last several years, more and more new vehicles have rolled off manufacturer and dealer lots equipped with systems designed to entertain and assist drivers. These are commonly called infotainment systems. They allow drivers to input destination addresses for directions; make or receive p [...]

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Negligent entrustment explained

After a car accident in Torrance, your hope is that the auto insurance provider of the driver that hit you will help cover the subsequent costs. Receiving such assistance may become more complicated, however, if you find out that the person responsible for your accident was not in their own vehi [...]

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