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Head-on collision leaves 2 injured and 1 dead

Some types of motor vehicle accidents tend to be more serious than others. Head-on collisions can be among the most damaging and sometimes deadly. Such was the case on Highway 1 near Lompoc, California, last Friday evening when a head-on collision between two cars resulted in the death of one v [...]

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Californians faced wrongful death filing deadlines for wildfires

It does not take much to spark a raging wildfire in California. Once it gets started, it can burn for weeks and take lives. Homes go up in flames and people at nearby campgrounds may find themselves trapped in the fire. These are just some of the gruesome ways Californians became inured and los [...]

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The dangers of burn injuries

Burns are among the most excruciating injuries. According to StatPearls, about 500,000 Americans each year receive treatment for burns. House fires, car crashes and on-the-job accidents are the most common causes of burns, outside of those sustained by service members in combat. Concurrent injur [...]

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Teenagers and driving risk

Most teenagers look forward to the day they get their driver’s license, and even some parents experience excitement for the day. However, this age group has the highest rate of accidents, and many of them are fatal. There are numerous reasons why teens are high risk drivers, and there are thing [...]

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Can you suffer emotional damage from dog bites?

Many people living in California are pet owners. Dogs are one of the most common pets. Unfortunately, the more dogs there are, the more bite attacks there are. When dogs attack victims in California, how does this affect their daily life? Discussions of dog bite attacks often focus on the physic [...]

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Who can sue for wrongful death?

Losing a loved one to the negligence of another person is a horrible situation. The law provides you with the ability to seek damages from the responsible party. However, it depends on your relationship with the deceased and other relationships he or she had. There is a hierarchy of who may mak [...]

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How can I help my teenager avoid accidents?

Driving a car can be difficult enough for adults, but handing the keys over to your teenage child is an entirely different level of terror for parents across the country. While teens may be very excited to reach this milestone, if you are a bit nervous as a parent, that's entirely natural. Fort [...]

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When must vehicles yield to pedestrians?

When you drive, you have to share the roadway with a variety of vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable of those, so it is your responsibility as a driver to watch out for them and yield the right of way to avoid accidents. The law is very specific on when you [...]

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How long do I have to file a personal injury lawsuit?

Sometimes injuries in California do not impact your life immediately following the injury. Perhaps you have debated on whether to file a lawsuit against the business or person. However, you do not have forever to file a suit if you plan to receive any compensation. The California Courts specify [...]

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