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How can you be better prepared for a car accident?

Because you never plan to get into a car accident, finding yourself in that predicament can be pretty unnerving. Whether you were at fault or are the victim of someone's negligence, you can be prepared to face the unexpected when you have taken precautions beforehand to protect yourself. Your p [...]

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Can you treat road rash at home?

California motorcyclists are likely familiar with the term road rash. It is one of the most common injuries you can get by falling off of your motorcycle. While many people associate the term with surface scrapes, can you treat road rash at home? The answer is yes and no. Road rash falls into t [...]

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Tests used to diagnose a herniated disk

Vertebral disks are structures found between the bones of your spine. They have a rubber-like consistency and serve to cushion your vertebrae. There are two basic parts of a vertebral disk: a tough outer shell surrounding a gelatinous nucleus. The soft inner layer can push through the outer lay [...]

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The potential effects of a TBI

Whether a traumatic brain injury is the result of a car crash, a slip-and-fall accident or some other type of accident in California, the results can be devastating. The Mayo Clinic notes that complications from a TBI could result in a coma or vegetative state, seizures, infections and stroke, [...]

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How safe are hands-free devices?

Vehicles crowd onto California roads at all hours. This makes distracted driving even more risky. Hands-free devices are a way to combat the risks of distracted driving. But statistics may show that these devices are not as safe as drivers may think. The National Safety Council believes hands-f [...]

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