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Cupertino freeway collision kills man

Every day in Torrence, people take to the area's roads and highways in their vehicles anticipating a safe drive to wherever it is that they are going. They typically do this without any fear of being involved in an accident (despite the fact that collisions constantly occur). One might wonder w [...]

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Why speed is a danger in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is recognized to be one of the most densely populated cities in the United States. The city receives numerous tourists and commuters with the Los Angeles Tourism and convention board reporting 48.3 million tourism visits in the year 2017. The drivers on the roads and highways of thi [...]

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Does terminology affect how people react to car accidents?

The California media gets a lot of blame for swaying public opinion and presenting information in a way that affects how people think and feel about certain issues. According to Forbes, recent studies show this may be true when it comes to reports on motor vehicle accidents. In fact, the studie [...]

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What do damages and negligence mean in California?

Californians can sue for damages caused by someone else’s negligence. Of course, what California means by damages, negligence and related terms may not be always obvious. To confuse matters even more, other states use the same words, but their laws often handle damages very differently. It migh [...]

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