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Auto accidents can affect a victim’s entire family

When people think about the consequences that come with a car crash, they may think of the physical pain that a victim will have to endure, or debilitating injuries that cause their life to unravel. These are certainly a lot of challenges that make life very hard for many victims, but it is imp [...]

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When bosses do not answer for commercial vehicle crashes

A well-established legal principle says you can hold people responsible for what others do when acting on their behalf, such as suing employers for the acts of their employees. The idea is named with the Latin phrase "respondeat superior," meaning “let the master respond” or “the superior answe [...]

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California sees first-ever wrongful death suit from vaping

Health authorities say America is experiencing an outbreak of deaths and serious injuries related to vaping. A Florida mother mourning her 18-year-old son filed the world’s first wrongful death lawsuit associated with vaping. Because the target of the lawsuit is a company based our state, she f [...]

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